The journal

128_couverturePublished by Karthala publising press, Politique africaine is a multidisciplinary peer review journal centered on the analysis of politics in Africa. Founded in 1981 as a clear departure from conventional approaches on Africa, it has emerged in France and abroad, as a reference publication for the whole of the international expert community on the continent.

The journal has been instrumental in de-exoticising Western academic perceptions about African politics. Politique africaine offers an innovative reading of the place of politics in African societies, contributing to a more detailed analysis of developments taking place in Africa and its relations with the rest of the world.

Each issue is structured around a particular topic (Premières Dames en Afrique ; Enjeux de l’autochtonie ; La macroéconomie par le bas ; Parlements de la rue…), or country or regional area case studies (La Lybie révolutionnaire ; Sud Soudan. Conquérir l’indépendance, négocier l’État; Mozambique Quelle démocratie après la guerre : Mauritanie. La démocratie au coup par coup). Consisting of half a dozen articles and a conceptual introduction, each issue is equivalent to a short book, guest edited by the best specialists on the subject.

With more than 130 issues published, the magazine offers issues that combine fresh empirical data and theoretical approach. The journal gives priority to unpublished fieldworks, is wide open to African authors and strives to strengthen collaboration with various research organizations from the continent. Politique africaine also aims to bridge the gap between in-depth academic researches and current affairs analysis. It wishes to provide a larger readership outside the academia with keys to understanding the vagaries of the continent.

Published in print, Politique africaine has been online on CAIRN website since 2001 and freely available on the website of Archives de Politique africaine since 1981. The Carnet de la revue discloses last published issues and scientific news from the journal.