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Length of articles

The length of articles varies for each of the different sections of the journal. In the Dossier, articles should be no longer than 50,000 characters (with spaces), including footnotes (N.B.: On the MS Word Tools bar, do not forget to click the option “Include footnotes and endnotes” under Word Count). Articles in the Conjoncture section are generally shorter, approximately 40,000 characters (with spaces). Those in the Recherche section can reach 55,000 characters.

N.B.: For articles in English, one should add approximately 10 per cent of the total character count in order to estimate the final length after translation into French.


Manuscripts should be in the simplest possible style, single-spaced, in the Times New Roman 12 font, and be without paragraph indentation.

Sub-titles should be used to divide the manuscript into clearly identifiable sections.

All notes should be footnotes (not endnotes) at the bottom of the page and inserted using the MS Word footnote function.
Each manuscript should be accompanied by an abstract of 600 characters (with spaces) maximum in French – and, if possible, also in English.


Bibliographic references should not be in the body of the text – full bibliographic details should be included in the footnotes. There should be no separate bibliography at the end of the article.

Please use the following style for first references:

For scholarly articles:
J.-P. Dozon, « Quand les pastoriens traquaient la maladie du sommeil », Sciences sociales et santé, vol. 7, n° 3-4, 1985, p. 26-56.

For chapters in books:
N. Kasfir, « State, magendo and class formation in Uganda », in N. Kasfir (ed.), State and Class in Africa, Londres, Frank Cass and Company, 1984, p. 84-104.

For books:
J. van Slageren, Les origines de l’Église évangélique du Cameroun : missions européennes et christianisme autochtone, Leiden, Brill, 1972.

For references to interviews:
Interview with police commissioner, Garoua, 1er novembre 2002.

The style for subsequent references is as follows:

For scholarly articles:
J.-P. Dozon, « Quand les pastoriens… », art.cité, p. 29.

For chapters in books:
N. Kasfir, « State, magendo… », art.cité, p. 92.

For books:
J. van Slageren, Les origines de l’Église…, op. cit., p. 89.

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