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Barbara Casciarri, Abdalbasit Saeed, Translated by Hancock Hutton “”It all started with Bread-and-Butter Issues”. Interview with Abdalbasit Saeed about 2019 Sudanese Revolution”, in Politique africaine Volume 158, Issue 2, April 2020, pages 175 to 186

This interview, conducted by Barbara Casciarri, a researcher in Sudan for thirty years, with Abdalbasit Saeed, a Sudanese anthropologist, focuses on key moments of the...

Introduction to the topic – Carine Baxerres, Fred Eboko , Translated and edited by Cadenza Academic Translations, “The era of global health : The policies, the actors and the dynamics” in Politique africaine Volume 156, Issue 4, October 2019, pages 5 to 20

The last time that Politique africaine published an issue dedicated to health was in December 1987.  This special report aims to fill that thirty-plus-year gap, acknowledging the...

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