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Ugandan fathers in the lockdown

There is a saying in Uganda: “omwana omubi, avumaganyisa nyina”, “an undisciplined child is a disgrace to the mother”. A friend from Kampala brought it to my attention, ironically observing that, according to another saying, “a good child is the father’s pride”. These adages hint to unequal recognition in the...


Waiting for Covid

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the number of Covid cases is still among the lowest in the world, 1.5 cases per million, however the pandemic preparedness measures are already battering the continent’s fragile economy, hijacking its health systems, and causing countless excess deaths.


CfP « African Cultural Heritages: The Political Performances of Objects »

This special issue is devoted to a study of the entire spectrum of official actors, from civil servants to heads of state, interacting with entities or individuals outside the state sphere, who develop gestures, conceptions and narratives that create or reshape, assign or promote singular, political uses of objects in Africa.


Organized Crime and the COVID-19 Pandemic

As of 18 May 2020, 53 countries in Africa recorded 85,000 cases and 2,700 deaths; officials believe these figures are gross underestimates. Africa has a population of over 1.3 billion, and a Yale University study estimates that by 30 June, 16.3 million people in Africa could contract COVID-19. As the coronavirus...

Disillusioned tomorrows ? « Authoritarian restorations »

Call for papers for the academic journal Politique africaine Disillusioned tomorrows ? « Authoritarian restorations » Amin Allal (CERAPS) & Marie Vannetzel (CURAPP) « Authoritarian restoration ». The term is commonly invoked, yet rarely defined. Is this a sign that it is merely an expression, not claiming to any use but a loose use?...

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