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CfP « African Cultural Heritages: The Political Performances of Objects »

This special issue is devoted to a study of the entire spectrum of official actors, from civil servants to heads of state, interacting with entities or individuals outside the state sphere, who develop gestures, conceptions and narratives that create or reshape, assign or promote singular, political uses of objects in Africa.


CFP for our new section ! Covid-19 seen from Africa: post-coronial thoughts

Description of the section The Covid-19 pandemic is overwhelming our ability to think critically. We all struggle to gather our thoughts, feelings and analyzes. Whatever magnitude the epidemic will turn out to have on the African continent, its repercussions will go far beyond the current health crisis. We propose to...

Disillusioned tomorrows ? « Authoritarian restorations »

Call for papers for the academic journal Politique africaine Disillusioned tomorrows ? « Authoritarian restorations » Amin Allal (CERAPS) & Marie Vannetzel (CURAPP) « Authoritarian restoration ». The term is commonly invoked, yet rarely defined. Is this a sign that it is merely an expression, not claiming to any use but a loose use?...

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