Anne-Laure Mahé, Translated by Hancock Hutton, “Manufacturing Sudanese Authoritarianism at the Local Level : Singularities and Banalities of Domination in North Kordofan” in Politique africaine Volume 158, Issue 2, April 2010, pages 57 to 79

Based on field research conducted in 2015, this article analyzes the implementation of a participatory development policy in the Sudanese state of North Kordofan. I propose to interpret it as a particular modulation of the authoritarian Inqaz regime. On the one hand, local authorities rely on a discourse which foregrounds the region’s specificity and the idea of breaking with the immediate past in order to gain support. On the other hand, they resort to practices characteristic of the regime and its use of the political economy of charity, and, beyond that, of authoritarianism in postcolonial Sudan.

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