Khadidja Medani, Translated by Hancock Hutton, “Is the Subsaharan Al-Azhar on the path to resilience ? The International University of Africa and the fall of Omar al-Bashir” in Politique africaine Volume 158, Issue 2, April 2010, pages 81 to 100

The International University of Africa is an Islamic university founded in Khartoum for the purpose of educating foreign students. Although officially a transnational, independent institution, the university operated under the patronage of Omar al-Bashir from 1991 onwards and was heavily instrumentalised by the Inqaz regime. Studying this institution thus provides a concrete example of the “civilisational project” of Sudan’s Islamist government in action. Exploring this example in detail, this article aims to investigate the capacity for resilience of an institution closely associated with Omar al-Bashir’s government, now that the regime has fallen.

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