Alice Franck, Translated by Hancock Hutton, “Three decades of social housing policies in Khartoum : Between violence, clientelism and social consensus” in Politique africaine Volume 158, Issue 2, April 2020, pages 149 to 174

This article aims to contribute to the general debate on social housing policies in cities in the Global South by expanding on the case of Greater Khartoum. It analyzes the three decades in power of Omar al-Bashir (from 1989 to 2019), corresponding to a movement in terms of housing policy for the disadvantaged social groups, which can be linked to the regime’s broader choices on another level. Based on long-term fieldwork, this article discusses the way in which programs for the eradication of informal housing, the allocation of plots of land, and social housing are, temporally and spatially, connected in the Sudanese capital. In response, it examines the regime’s violence in the city and the difficulty of formulating resistance from the peripheries.

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