Introduction to the topic – Fred Eboko, Patrick Awondo, Translated and edited by Cadenza Academic Translations “The stationary state between chaos and rebirth” in Politique africaine Volume 150, Issue 2n April 2018, pages 5 to 27

In this issue we address the political dynamics of Cameroon through an examination of the fundamental dividing lines and fractures that have run through this country for many decades. The coinciding of this issue with the October 2018 presidential elections obliges us to distinguish between the structural situation and a particular moment in history—an election that may or may not turn out to be an “event.” This is a way of introducing the question of historicity as formulated by Bergson and Deleuze—a lineage to which Jean-François Bayart has turned in order to revisit this distinction, and which allows us to attend both to the general situation addressed by this issue and to this event as one illustration of it, without its necessarily lying at the heart of the matter:

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