Marie-Audé Fouéré, Translated by Laura Garmeson, Simon White, “The election poster : Art, strategy, and matter for politics. The revolution, the opposition, and the 2015 elections in Zanzibar” in Politique africaine Volume 144, Issue 4, October 2016, pages 115 to 134

The political efficacy of electoral posters does not merely result from the power of the image. This article shows that political support and action also arise from an engagement with electoral materials that mobilizes the body. Drawing upon a fine-grained ethnography of the 2015 elections in the Tanzanian archipelago of Zanzibar, it combines a biography of electoral posters—more particularly by focusing on the social life of an opposition poster—and a praxeological approach of the uses of posters in the public space. Putting up and removing posters, as well as appropriating, recomposing, and singularizing them, sheds light on the ordinary production of political subjectivities. This approach offers new ways of studying political cultures and party mobilization.

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