Lesego Rampolokeng, “Whiteheart : Prologue to Hysteria”, in Politique africaine Volume 100, Issue 4, October 2005, pages 276 to 277

I got out of it in a haze, a mist both whirling outside me & in. i blinked in the sun. i stopped from a stagger & sat down hard in a mud patch. the walls closed me in. out of them. it was then and now a transitional phase. it is personal, it was national. i woke out of it like a dream, euphoria swirling around & in. only it had taken disillusionment to get me back to reality or what i had been made to see as it. the doors closed behind my time & now open on that which was made unmine.

Read the full text : https://www.cairn-int.info/journal-politique-africaine-2005-4-page-276.htm?contenu=article

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